Adventure for Guinevere

My friend Kalisa keeps her horses at a really terrific barn. Well, supposedly it’s terrific. Kalisa raves non-stop about it, and although I haven’t been there, I trust her opinion. I have chatted on the phone with the barn manager, and she’s awesome — and very interested in clicker training to boot.

Well, I found out that the board rate at this barn is extremely reasonable, and they have two openings in April. So I’ve decided to move Guin there next week. Moving her will be, I hope, a win-win for everyone. I’m not afraid to ride her, and Kalisa (and her daughter Kyra and the trainer, Monica) will be there for me to go trail riding with on a regular basis. And this will give Kyra a green horse to play with as she develops her training skills.

Man, I wish I had an extra grand a month. I’d put the whole crew there! It will be wonderful to have facilities like an indoor arena and trails again.

I’m really looking forward to this. I need to order hay tomorrow that, hopefully, will be delivered before she arrives. Monica is arranging for the barn owner to transport Guin early in the week, after Guin and the other horses get their annual vaccinations. I need to go out and dig out my tack and clean it, and scrounge up grooming supplies to take with me. I’d love to give her a bath before she goes over, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. At least I can use a shedding blade on her and try to get rid of some of that hair! I wish I had a working set of clippers, but mine died. Ugh.

Tomorrow Jay and I are tackling the fence. We’re going to hit the fence store when it opens tomorrow morning, and we’re not quitting until that fence keeps Rowan where she’s supposed to be!!! (Famous last words. Sigh. Really, she has turned into a nightmare.)

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