Fence? What fence?

We don’t have a fence on the property that can contain Miss Rowan at this point. I have thee- and four-strand hot-wire tape. Something isn’t working, so it isn’t hot, and Rowan knows it. So she just crosses from pasture to pasture as she wishes. Most of the time she doesn’t even mess up the fence! It absolutely confounds the other horses, who just can’t understand why she gets to be somewhere they’re not.

Today was a beautiful warm day, and when I got home in the afternoon, I thought I’d let the horses out in the back pasture for a couple of hours. The deer had brought down some of the fence, so first I took the dogs for a run and tightened the fencelines. The horses weren’t at all pleased that the dogs went out and they didn’t. So they stood at the gate and shook it, and when that didn’t work, whinnied plaintively. (It was really quite cute.)

Well, apparently Rowan got tired of waiting. When I got back, she was out of the dry lot, grazing in an area between the dry lot and the first pasture. I let the other horses out, and they took off at a gallop for the back pasture. Rowan was quite annoyed that she wasn’t able to reach them, so I finally got to see her fence technique in action. She leans down to the next to last strand, lifts it with her nose, and then somehow jumps through without catching a single foot in the bottom strand (or without damaging the fence).

Tighten the lines, you say? Done that. Daily. It doesn’t even slow her down. She just stretches the tape.

Well, I left them in the field and went to Monroe to meet Jay for dinner. While there, we stopped at the Farm and Feed store and picked up various and sundry parts for the electric fence. We absolutely MUST get it hot on Saturday. Rowan has been very good about not wandering too far afield on these little foreys, but I just can’t count on that. When I woke up this morning, she was grazing in the front yard!!!

Oh, an extra little tidbit… When I called the horses in for dinner, Miss Princess actually cantered in! That’s amazing. She usually just race walks, even when the other horses are galloping around. She must be feeling really good. Her farrier had an assistant last week, and I asked him what breed he thought she might be. Without even knowing she was gaited, he guessed Tennessee Walker. Certainly makes sense!

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