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I haven’t updated in a while, because I’ve been obsessed with SparkPeople. Have I mentioned I love it?? Each morning I start my day by reading my SparkPeople e-mail. The articles I read — and the points I get for doing so — get me motivated to eat right and work out. The activities for which you can earn SparkPoints really keep me on track throughout the day. I’ve got the site up from morning till night, checking off accomplishments and tracking food and exercise. It’s awesome! Again, I highly, highly recommend it.

In other good news, Jay finally said I could start working with a personal trainer again. Her name is Jenny, and she and I are a terrific match. She is a former body builder and so she’s not afraid of heavy weight. It feels so good to get back to lifting weights again. Cardio isn’t as much fun, but I’m tolerating it. I’m just not built for it! I ordered a Pilates video, and I’m planning to do that a few nights per week. Pilates is exactly what I need for riding and skiing.

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