Rabbits, rabbits everywhere

Or so Pax thinks.

Pax loves rabbits. More than loves. When he sees a rabbit, he goes all trembly and begins going “Oooooooooo.” Problem is, he usually spots them through our basement window, which is level with the ground outside and level with the landing of the stairs (where he lies most of the day) inside. And when he sees one of these rabbits, instead of running out the dog door, he stands on the back of my chair, oooooing out the window, until I open said window, so he can climb through.

The further problem is that for the past two days, he has been convinced there’s a rabbit out there that isn’t a rabbit. It’s a rock — on the other side of the fence. So today I let him out the gate, and we went together to examine that dastardly rock. He was unimpressed, and was certain I had hidden his bunny, so he ran manically around and searched for it.

Poor dog was terribly disappointed. He’ll be further disappointed when he looks out the window again, because I tossed that rock in the bushes.

In other news, Jay e-mailed Pax’s breeder and told her he wants a boy puppy, not a girl puppy. Now, since I do 99% of the puppy raising around here, I don’t really think he gets a vote, but I’ll concede that if there are two pups in the litter, and the boy is more suited to us than the girl, then we should get the girl. But if the girl is more suited for us OR if they are equally suited, I want the girl. After all, I’ve already named her.

Of course, I’ve named the boy too — Shaden Zane. (It’s an inside joke… But I really will name the boy puppy that.)

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