Back to work

Have I mentioned recently that I love my job? It’s still true. I’m finishing up my first week back, and I’m still crazy about the place.

When I filled out my paperwork, the Aquent guy told me that I was only going to be working forty hours a week. I arched my eyebrow and asked what planet he was from. No, really, he said, they wanted me capped at forty hours. Okay… but it’s not going to last, I told him.

Started work on Monday. When I walked in the door Monday evening, my phone was ringing. You guessed it — emergency project! They needed me to work late. I worked late that night and again on Wednesday. On Thursday (yesterday) — in the middle of a high profile, high priority project — I told them that unless they got that cap lifted, I was done for the week at 4:30. Needless to say, the cap was toast.

I actually don’t mind overtime. In fact, when I’m working hard I have trouble stopping, so I rather like having overtime hours available. Besides, it’s overtime that’s ultimately going to pay for this remodel.

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