Happy day, happy day!

I got into the screenwriting class I wanted to take!! Woo hoo! I’m dancing on the ceiling.

The class starts March 8 and runs through March 29. It’s six days a week. Monday through Friday, it meets 9AM-9:30PM. Saturdays are 9AM-5PM. It meets, mostly, at the Seattle Center, which is, to say the least, not nearby. So, rather than drive myself insane with a commute from here to Seattle every day, I’m going to at least look into staying in a motel near the Seattle Center on class days. I can still come home on Sundays.

No one but me is happy about this. 🙂 Jay is happy that I’m happy, but he’s not looking forward to the expense nor taking care of the animals for three weeks. My job is bummed that I’ll be unavailable for three weeks. Even my mom thinks it’s way too much money.

Well, it is way too much money. The class isn’t cheap, plus motel and time off work and parking (maybe) and food and the required books and videos. And maybe mentoring. I’m also trying to talk Jay into letting me buy a new laptop, instead of dragging around that monstrous Alienware laptop that I despise. The new laptop wouldn’t be just for this, mind you. It would be the replacement for my desktop. (Not that I’m getting rid of my desktop, but rather than replacing my aging desktop with a new desktop, I would just have the new laptop.)

When the class starts, I’ll update the  blog with details about what I’m learning and doing. In fact, since I want to work out a story to work on while I’m there, I may start updating that section even before the class starts, so stay tuned!!

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