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Remodel update

Ah, the first post of 2008!

Progress is being made on the remodel front. Phase One will be outside work — improving drainage around the house, fixing the roof on the pump house, improving drainage in the dry lot, and hopefully even getting the hay barn fixed. I think Jay wants to bring gas in in this phase as well.

We haven’t gotten a bid for how much all this will cost. We’re refinancing the house, and we wanted to wait until that was done and I started back to work before we officially kicked the project off. I’m not sure how close to done the refi is, but I go back to work on Monday. (Yay!! Y’all know how much I ADORE my job.) Hopefully we can have Todd out to give a bid here in the next couple of weeks.

We’ve also been bandying ideas back and forth about what we want to do to the house during the remodel. We’re having great fun with this. I call this the Imagination Phase. I’m sure when we figure out how much all this will cost, our dreams will get considerably smaller. Of maybe not. Maybe we’ll do everything we plan and just stretch the project out into many, many phases over a very long time.

Phase Two will be the remodeling of the basement. I *think* we’ve come to a decision about what we want down there, more or less, but I’ll give you the details later. If nothing else, we need to talk to Todd and make sure everything is feasible. Hopefully we can do phase two this summer sometime (assuming, of course, my continued employment).

Phase Three will be the decorating of the basement. Greg Perry, our absolutely kick-ass realtor, recommended an interior designer, but I haven’t contacted her yet. I suppose I’ll do so when Todd makes his bid on remodeling, because we’ll need a plan for flooring, paint, windows, and fireplace. Most of her part will come after Todd’s part, and hopefully we can do it by the end of 2008.

It’s kind of frustrating to think of it taking that long, but when I think about the vast sums of money it’ll take to do all this — and we want to pay for everything in cash — then it’ll take lots of work hours to pay for it. Come on employers, don’t you want some overtime…? I made out a tentative schedule, but even this is pretty darn iffy unless you work a LOT of overtime:

Basement — 2008
Utility room — 2009
Kitchen — 2010
Master bedroom — 2011
Living room — 2012
Outside porches — 2013
Guest bedrooms and bathroom — 2014
Landscaping — 2015

I talked to Jay about it this afternoon, and he didn’t think it would take that long, but he didn’t realize that interior design will cost as much or more than the construction, even though we’re talking about things like knocking out the back of the house. But things like furniture, lighting, window treatments, and doo dads cost huge amounts of money.

Oh well. I guess I just need to sell a screenplay or novel or something.

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