Rethinking the remodel

I’ve been have second thoughts about the scope of the remodel. When we left the city, I wanted to downsize to a smaller house. Didn’t happen. This house felt a little smaller, but really that was just because the space was used so poorly.

Now we’re talking about a remodel that wouldn’t just rework the space we have, but actually add square footage. I can’t help but wonder why I want to do that. Okay, I know why. I hate my bedroom, and I want more space up there. But I’m beginning to think that rather than add square footage, I’d rather have an interior designer and our contractor work together to use the space we have more efficiently. This house is roughly 2400 sq. ft. Two people just don’t NEED more space than that!

That said, I don’t think that decision, if Jay agrees, is going to significantly lessen the cost for the remodel. This house was, in a way, unfinished when we moved in. Not much of the detail work had been done, and THAT is what will cost us a fortune. And we’ll still be doing some major construction. I want to change the stairs, make a great room in the basement, and create a bedroom/office on the mezzanine level.

Even if we don’t push out the back of the house, Jay may still want to expand the laundry room, and I will probably still want to build the porches off the back of the house. Of course, if we don’t do that, we may not have to replace our septic system. But that probably ought to be done, regardless, so I shouldn’t use that as an argument against the porches.

Aarghh. I’m feeling the need for another dinner with Todd and Kalisa. And a winning lottery ticket!

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