When worlds collide

I had an interesting work experience this week. I got to attend a two-day video shoot for some sales videos. Last week I got pulled onto the project at the last minute and had to write the scripts for the scenarios we shot this week. On Friday, Kajal told me I’d be attending the video shoot as well. The first day of the shoot was a snowy, icy one here in Seattle, and it turned out that the person who was supposed to oversee the shoot couldn’t make it in, so I suddenly became the sole Talent Development representative on the set. And then on Wednesday my subject matter experts bailed, and I was suddenly the ONLY company representative on the set.

Oy. I wish, wish, wish I’d had not only more time to work on the scripts but more overall knowledge of the project and what was going to be expected at the video shoot. I have this awful feeling that the videos will be subpar, and I’ll get blamed for it because I was the one in charge on the company end.

That aside, it was interesting to be part of the shoot, and it was fun to write the scripts. I don’t think anyone at my company knows of my interest in screenwriting, so that was just a bit of serendipity. Jason, the guy running the production side, said they were the best scripts he’d worked with, which was nice of him to say. I, personally, was dissatisfied with them. They were seriously boring. If I were watching those videos I’d fall asleep long before I learned how to sell the product! I wish we could make really engaging videos. Now THAT would be a cool project to be involved with.

Speaking of screenwriting, I haven’t yet heard from The Film School about the March class, so I dropped them an e-mail. I got a quick reply saying they were going to send out the acceptance letters to early applicants next week sometime. Fingers crossed! I really want to take this class. Both Jay and my company are rooting against it though. They want me to keep working!

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