Action sequels suck

I am probably the only person in America who didn’t love “The Dark Knight.”

It was okay. It was too long. I’m sorry, but I just don’t have the attention span (or bladder capacity) to sit in a theater for 2 hours and 45 minutes. That includes trailers, yes, so the movie is probably 2:20? 2:30? I don’t care. I was seriously bored with a good hour left.

Bored? How can anyone be bored in that movie? All those explosions! All those stunts! All those plot twists and turns.

Yeah, what plot twists and turns? See, this is my real beef with action movie sequels. Once you’ve seen the first one… once you know the players and their issues (and their super powers)… you pretty much know what’s going to happen. Oh, the specifics may change, but the outline is exactly the same. And I get bored.

Don’t get me wrong — I didn’t hate the movie. It’s probably the best Batman movie they’ve done, and Heath Ledger’s performance is OUTSTANDING. Christian Bales is probably the best Batman so far, and I love Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine. I’m not really complaining about the story. It was fairly complex as super hero movies go. But, really, there was an hour and half of story and another solid hour of stunts.


Oh, and I am SOOOOO over the super hero thing. Seriously. Can we stop with the conflicted, tortured super heroes? Been there, done that. Let’s just give super heroes a rest altogether for a while.

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