First day of training

After River’s early morning nap, I decided to break out the treats and try some training. When I opened the dog closet, the first treats I saw were Kong Tots. Low cal, so I decided to give them a try. Turns out they’re really too big and crunchy for him at this point. I went ahead and did the whole session with them, but switched to tiny pieces of moist cat food for later sessions. The cat food worked beautifully, but I was almost out of them. So then I switched to some kind of tiny moist dog training treats I found in an almost-empty bag at the bottom of the box… and used those until I ran out. LOL. By the end of the day I was down to a dog food sample that happened to have tiny, tiny pieces of kibble.

Needless to say, River’s digestive tract is a little out of whack!

Today we worked on sit, a little bit of Doggie Zen, sit on a mat, touch (my hand), and eye contact. Mostly it was sit. No cue added, just paid off for all the ADORABLE offered sits I was getting. River figured out SO quickly that sitting was what I wanted, and after that it was a entire day of FEED ME, MY BUTT’S ON THE GROUND. Okay, so I can’t pay off for that forever, but it’s a great start, so he got a little leeway today.

I tossed a couple of toys a foot or two away for him to chase, but I haven’t tried any puppy retrieves yet. His vision is still developing, and he has trouble tracking beyond a couple of feet. It’s okay — I have plenty of time for that. When he did chase a toy and bring it back, he got lots of praise.

Housebreaking is going well! The rain actually ended up helping a bit. He learned early today that he would be allowed to go in once he pottied, so he started doing it quickly, if he needed to go. Mistakes have been minimal. Once I asked if he wanted to go potty and motioned him to follow me… and he squatted right there. I should have picked him up! Another time, he went to the door and poo’d right at it. Good boy for trying to get out. Bad Mom for not seeing him try.

Overall it was a good day. Jay worked today, and I missed having him here. It’s exhausting to focus on the puppy all day. I was proud that I managed to get a load of laundry done and managed to straighten the house up. I dread work next week though. When Pax was a puppy I wasn’t working at all. (Note to the Universe: I love my job and paying my mortgage. I am not suggesting that I should become unemployed.)

Today’s pictures are pretty boring. It rained all day, so I didn’t get a chance to go outside and snap some fun shots. No pics of Pax and Pflouff with him yet either. Pflouff is in heat, and so right now the only thing she and Pax are interested in is each other. He’s neutered, but that doesn’t stop them from trying. All day.

It’s a good thing, really. It means they’re getting used to River being here without paying much attention to him. They check him out every once in a while, but they haven’t tried playing with him yet.

I think tomorrow I’ll introduce Susan Garrett’s Crate Games.

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