River’s here!

Thank you, Dawn Fleming. He’s beautiful, and we adore him!

We picked him up at 11am at Continental’s Air Cargo center near SeaTac airport. He was so excited… until I opened the door, and he realized he didn’t know me. LOL. But that reticence didn’t last long! I gave him a chance to stretch his legs while Jay rearranged the car so he could sit in the back and poke his fingers in the crate. River wasn’t thrilled to go back in his crate, but he settled quickly for the hour’s drive home.

When we got home, we decided to introduce the dogs to the pup in the fenced front area, rather than in the main yard around the house. I gave the big dogs a chance to sniff me, but they were more interested in getting to the car — and the crate. Jay put the crate on the ground and let them sniff it, then we opened it. “Gentle,” I told everyone. “Gentle dogs.”

River wasn’t quite sure what to do with these strange giant dogs. Pflouff was very excited, but not threatening (except with her big feet). Pax growled once, but I blocked him and cautioned him to be gentle, and then he relaxed a bit. The puppy would duck under the car when the investigations got to be too much, but pretty soon everyone was walking around together.

Initially Pflouff was EXTREMELY interested if the pup ran, but she was responsive to my voice, and so we didn’t have any real problems. River is delightfully bold about exploring, inside and out. He doesn’t even mind being out of my sight. There’s a lot of exploring to do here, so he’s having a grand time!

I haven’t done any training yet. I fed him at 2PM, and he cleaned his bowl. He’s drinking a lot of water. So far — fingers crossed, knock on wood, any luck spell you can think of — his pottying has been outside in the grass. He has taken two naps, one on my lap and one on Jay’s.

It has been great having Jay here to be an extra pair of hands today! I’m sure I’ll be begging for a break when he gets home from work tomorrow and Wendesday. I don’t have any good chewies to keep him (River, I mean) occupied. I haven’t had a chance to make any tuna brownies either.

Anyway, here’s what you really want: PICTURES!

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3 Responses to River’s here!

  1. barrie says:

    Congratulations! You know that last photo makes him look like he must in fact be the black sheep of your family 😉

    A friend of mine named one of her JRT pups River a few years ago and I found it very difficult to say in any believable manner for some reason until I remembered that River Phoenix’s family used to call him “Rio” so now that is what I call her 🙂

  2. joene says:

    SOOOOOOO exciting!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOO handsome! Oh River, can’t wait to meet you!!! Jake wants a play date! Hugs and kisses, Auntie J

  3. Louise Kerr says:

    Awwww how cute – enjoy him
    Regards Louise

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