Site update

I’m making some updates to my Web site.

First, I’ve decided to use WordPress as the back end for the blog. All of the old blog posts in each area — general news, current projects, and menagerie — have been uploaded into the WordPress blog. You can access the posts by category, or by tag if you want to read posts on certain subjects. I’ll update the sub-pages of the site to give overviews of the topics, rather than blog posts. The Menagerie page, for example, will have updated pages and pictures for each of the animals.

A nice addition that WordPress makes possible is RSS subscription. You can subscribe to the feed, and the posts will come to you automatically. (I, personally, can’t live without my Google Reader!)

The look of the site will be changing a bit too. I would love to keep the look of the site exactly as it is, but I may have to compromise a bit to work the WordPress code into it.

My goal is to have all the changes made before the puppy comes home at the end of August!

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