Remodel update at the end of week 2

Wow, those two weeks went by fast. So far we’re still energized and excited by the project. The chaos hasn’t gotten on our nerves too much, and we’re not arguing with each other or our contractor. 🙂

Current state

  • The basement is completely naked — concrete floor, no walls, bare to the studs in the exterior walls and ceiling.
  • The guest bedroom (my future office) had the carpet removed and is completely empty. We’re going to do some electrical work in there, but we don’t have to take it to the studs to do it.

Decisions made

  • Our contractor worked with an engineer to figure out how to replace the beam down the center of the basement with steel in order to remove one of the posts. Ain’t happening. That post, it turns out, is the central point of the house and, because of how everything was built, it’s carrying the load of not only the floor above it but the roof as well. A steel beam would have to be 2 feet thick to compensate, which would mean we’d have to limbo to cross the room. Thus, we’re not going to mess with the beam or post at all. Money saved!
  • We’re adding the laundry room to the list of things being remodeled in this project, because the changes we want to make in there involve plumbing and propane. Makes sense to do those while we have the plumber here.
  • Our contractor gave us a bid for the complete remodel of my office. It will cost just under what we expected to pay to change the beam and get rid of the post. Because finishing the office will give us some space and get a lot of junk (and me!) out of the kitchen, my husband wants to put that at the top of the priority list.

Current tasks

  • Our contractor is arranging to bring in a plumber and an electrician.
  • My husband has found a propane provider, and he’s arranging for someone from there to come out and give us a bid for tank installation.
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  1. I love hearing about renovations. Sounds like everything is coming along great.

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