Jay left for work this morning, and called me a minute later. There were two dogs wandering around down the street. I got in the car and drove down there, and found an elderly Great Pyr and a white dog who looked like a lab/Pyr mix who had been shaved for the summer. Both had collars and licenses, but only the Pyr had an ID tag. I put the dogs in my car and called the owner — not home.

The dogs were super sweet. The shaved dog had a raging ear infection and a lick granuloma on his foot. I went home and got some ear cleaner and cleaned out the ear as best I could. Not as good as a vet, but it was all I could offer. Then I found their address on MapQuest and drove the dogs home. A man was in the front yard, and the dogs happily went running to him.

I told him the shaved dog had an ear infection. He replied, “Yeah, and something wrong with his foot too.” Um, great, dude. Now take him to the vet — he’s in pain! He wasn’t worried about them being away and said, “I can’t lock ’em up.” He said if I saw them down there again, to just point them toward home.

This is something that drives me crazy about the country. People let their dogs wander all over. ANYTHING could happen to these animals, and no one would know it until it was too late. People here aren’t big on vets either. “It’s just a dog.”

I hate it. It’s irresponsible. I wish I could kidnap all the dogs I see running around and find them homes with people who love them enough to take care of them!

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