Poor Rowan

Rowan has been demoted, temporarily at least. I noticed on Saturday that she seemed very subdued — subdued enough that I was worried about her. She was eating and drinking normally though, so I decided she was all right. By this morning it was clear that she and Blue are on the outs. I watched Princess chase her away from a pile of hay twice! I had to put some hay out in the rain just so Rowan could eat. Considering how beastly Rowan is to the others when she’s sharing Blue’s status, I can’t say I feel terribly sorry for her.

Guin is doing great in her new home. Friday was deliciously sunny and hot, so I spent much of the late afternoon/evening there. Kalisa and I brought Guin up, and both Kyra and Monica rode her some in the small indoor arena. Monica said she has a lot of try, and is simply a green mare. I told her she’s easier to ride out on trails. Part of me doesn’t want to ride at all, but part of me would like to take her on a trail ride. We’ll see.

She has adjusted to being in a stall overnight. Monica did sooo well acclimating her to the stall. She brought her in just for meals initially. At first she left the door open. Then she closed the door and let her stick her head out at will. Guin never got a chance to get upset.

Jay and I stopped by last night after the horses were up in the barn. She was eating her dinner, but stopped long enough to stick her head out and visit with us. She’s aloof, and I’m hoping that being in this barn with its penchant for spoiling horses will help her learn to like people more.

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