Our beautiful weather vanished on us. It rained — and it snowed. I tried to tell myself that it was just an April Fool’s joke. I want my warm weather back!

Saturday morning, we hit the feed store bright and early and got a bunch of stuff for the electric fence. It took a fair amount of the day, but we managed to repair the fence and get it hot, all strands, all pastures. I had much too much fun on Sunday morning watching Rowan go into the pasture and test the wire. She was quite confounded that it bit back this time!

Sunday morning was devoted to getting the hay barn ready for a new shipment of hay. The big snow at the beginning of March brought the tarp down, so Jay put up a new one. We also cleaned out the pallets and rearranged them, so the best ones for walking on were on the walking paths.

We finished about 1:15, and then went in to eat. I had just put my lunch in the mocrowave when I realized I was supposed to meet Tanja at NSAE at 2:00. Eep! I changed clothes, woofed down my lunch, and hit the road. Tanja was very sad when I got there. She is leasing her horse, and she had just learned the horse’s owner is planning to sell him. She is brokenhearted, but because she and her husband are saving for a downpayment for a house, she doesn’t think they can afford to buy him. That was a downer.

It was terribly cold, but I picked up some videos I’d ordered from them, and then stayed to watch Craig teach a lesson. I wish I could hang out at his barn and tape record every lesson he gives, so I could take notes and reread them when I start taking lessons and have a practical understanding of what he’s talking about. I really would love to put Rowan in training with him, but unless I sell my screenplay, that isn’t going to happen.

Today, the horses got their annual vaccinations. This was Rowan’s first time, and I thought it might be traumatic for her, but she was just a little surprised. Dr. Pickering said she did really well. Princess managed to reinjure the shoulder she injured last summer. At least she had good timing, so the vet was able to clean it up and check it out while he was here. Nothing serious.

Guin is going to be delivered to her new barn this afternoon. I put a rain sheet on her, and I groomed her a little. I got the terrible knot out of her mane and combed out all the tangles. That girl is anything but hair-challenged. I’m going to follow the guy over to the new barn and get her settled in. I expect Kyra will want to ride her today, but since she got vaccs this morning and is getting a new home this afternoon, I think we ought to let her settle in a bit first. She has some rain rot on her back as well, and although it’s pretty much dried up now, we ought to get it cleared up before we saddle her.

Speaking of saddling, I was hoping to get the barn cleaned out yesterday, so I could pull together everything that I need to take to Guin’s new barn. Didn’t happen. I’ll probably go out in a little while and dig in. It’s a nightmare in there. I’ll need to turn the horses into the pasture while I play in the barn. I don’t want Guin back there, though, so I’ll turn her out in front. I miss her already!

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