Oh my gosh. I LOVE Eden Farms. I absolutely can’t rave enough.

Joe and Monica picked up Guin yesterday afternoon. Adorable girl that she is, she just walked right onto the trailer. She pawed a little but quit once we got moving. When we got to the farm, she unloaded just as easily. She looked around, interested, but wasn’t hyper at all. This place has REALLY good energy. We took her down to her pasture and let her loose for a while. She trotted around and rolled like she hadn’t been out in a while. Too funny, since she’s a pasture pet!

After I toured the facility, Kyra and I brought her up and put her in their small indoor arena. (They have two — a big one and a small one.) She was a little more tense about that, since it was enclosed, but she was very responsive when Kyra longed her (sans longe line).

I went out this afternoon, and brought her up to groom her. (I managed to let a horse out of the pasture when I did it. Oy. Fortunately he didn’t go far. Still. Oy. I felt like SUCH a doofus.) Guin and I finally got up to the barn… and I got swarmed by people who wanted to help me. It was overwhelmingly wonderful. Guin’s tail was twisted into dreadlocks, and Wendy (who’s a hair stylist by trade) took over that operation. By the end of the afternoon, Guin’s tail had been shampooed, conditioned, combed out, and braided. Wow!!

I am just so impressed with the genrous, friendly nature of EVERYONE at this barn. It’s so much fun. When I left, I wished I could get rich, quit my job, move all my horses there, and spend all of my days hangning out there.

Kyra got a new horse — a gorgeous thoroughbred filly. She’s probably not a yearling yet. Her head and neck are refined and feminine, and her conformation looks lovely. She’s unhandled, which is actually fabulous, because she won’t have any baggage to overcome. It’ll be a great project for Kyra.

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