My friend Lesa from work invited the team out to her house on Vashon Island today. Dave and Staci piled into my car, and after a lonnnnng wait for the ferry, we got there around 2. Oh my God — I can’t rave enough. The house is incredible. The gardens are incredible. The views are incredible. The food was incredible. Lesa’s husband was incredible. Need I say I had an amazing time?

We spent most of the day sitting out back, amidst the plethora of hummingbirds. Adorable little things. We laughed and chatted and had an absolutely grand time. Lesa is a terrific hostess (and a wonderful friend). I was sorry to leave, especially since Dave and Staci were forced to go at the same time, but I had to get back to feed the animals.

I can’t remember if anyone took any pictures. If so, I’ll post them. It was an incredible day, and I hope she invites us again!

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