The only things on my schedule this weekend were hoof trims for the barefoot horses and Pax’s obedience class. Then I decided to cancel Pax’s class. I haven’t had a chance to work with him “on the road,” and that just sets him up to fail in that environment. Rather than put him through it — and lose three hours of my Sunday — I just decided to drop the class. That meant that, other than 45 minutes trimming hooves, my weekend was all mine.

And I loved it.

I’ve enjoyed my social forays this summer — I don’t want to imply otherwise — but it’s time for me to return to my non-social ways. We had two people come to the house this weekend — one of the kids from across the street who cleans my stalls for me and Christina, the hoof trimmer. Both work for me. Both are nice people and require little from me. (I hold the horses and chat while Christina trims. All I have to do is pay Edhic!) And yet I found myself terribly annoyed that they were there. I’m tired of being social.

Next weekend Leslie is coming up, and I’m treating her to a facial on my monthly “Spa Day.” Can’t say I’m anxious to clean the house this week, but I am looking forward to her visit. She is, theoretically, the end of the summer obligations. We usually go to the fair in September, but I just realized that the Monroe fair is this weekend, and I don’t know if I’m up to a trip down to Puyallup. We may have to miss the fair this year….

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