Lynne, my boss’s boss, loves horses, so I invited her and her friend Christine out to see Guin. I tried to arrange for Leslie to be there or Monica or Kyra, so they could do some training and make the visit more interesting, but in the end it was just me and Kalisa (not that I ever mind a visit with Kalisa).

Guin was filthy — so dusty you left a handprint on her if you touched her — and the ladies wanted to groom, so I suggested they bathe her. They thought that was fun, and Guin was much more impressive looking when she was clean. After we bathed her, I turned her out in the little arena, and they got to watch her canter around and buck and act foolish. Good news — she wasn’t limping at all.

The ladies brought tons of apples and carrots, and we walked around the pastures and visited all the horses. I was glad Kalisa was there, because she knows all the names and the stories behind many of the rescues.

It was a low-key visit, but the ladies seemed to have fun. I like it when people admire my horses, and I like Lynne a lot, so I also enjoyed the visit. After the ladies left, Kalisa and I rounded out the day with a two-hour lunch and gab-fest at the Hub. Nice day!

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