Leslie was supposed to come up this weekend, but we got our signals crossed. We tried to reschedule to Monday and Tuesday of this week, but Monica and Kyra couldn’t get the money together. Bummer. I was looking forward to seeing her!

I’ve decided to bring Guin home at the end of the month. I still love Eden Farms, but with my job, I haven’t had time to get out there to see her, much less work with her. I moved her out there so Kalisa and I could go riding together, but that hasn’t happened and since we’re both working, isn’t likely to. So it seems silly to pay $300 per month to keep her there.

I’m planning to go to a local field trial next weekend with Kalisa. I’m thinking about the pup-to-come, and so I want to watch some field dogs. She has a retriever with a pro trainer, and he might be running next weekend, so that would be a bonus. I want her to go with me regardless though. When we chat with other people I don’t want to discuss curlies or clicker training, because both will be ridiculed at a field trial. She’s a Lab person, so she can provide all the expected answers.

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