We started our two-day trip home this morning. I got us up about a quarter before six, and we were on the road by 6:30. It’s over 1300 miles between Vegas and home, so I wanted to get an early start!

I have done phenomenally well navigating on this trip. Until this morning, the only wrong turn I had taken was missing the driveway to McDonald’s during a lunch stop. This morning, though, I shot right past the first turn I was supposed to take — the one right outside of the hotel. We were never lost, but we did a fair amount of driving on Vegas surface streets before we finally got on 15 South.

The drive today, despite the inauspicious start, was phenomenal. California is long, straight, and boring — and that’s good for this kind of driving. Just point the car and go. And no snow! Beautiful sunny weather. Our goal was Redding, which is roughly the halfway point. We got there at 6:30 this evening, but I wasn’t remotely tired, so we continued on. I crossed the mountains — I repeat, NO SNOW! — and we’re settled for the night in Medford, OR. Less than 500 miles to drive tomorrow.

The only bad thing about continuing past Redding tonight is that we missed some of the most beautiful scenery on the trip. Dark on the way down, and now dark on the way home. Oh well, like I told Jay, if I’m choosing between pretty scenery and seeing my dogs sooner, my dogs win every time!!

Home tomorrow. Finally!

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