Home! I’m home!

I dragged Jay out of bed before six, and we were on the road by 6:30 this morning. It was foggy all through Oregon, but we didn’t hit rain until we got to our home state. Of course. We couldn’t go straight home, since we had a rental car, but even with the drive through the city and a swing by the airport to switch cars, we were home by 3:30. All of the animals seemed glad to see us, and I was most happy to see them.

The house was sparkling clean when I got home. Our house sitter, Monica, is welcome to move in fulltime! 😉 She said all went well with the dogs, though Aslan made his displeasure of the situation known by taking everything she owned outside and depositing it by the front gate. He missed his mom!

The trip was a resounding success. I enjoyed every single leg. Meeting Lynn and Adam was incredible — so glad to have them in my life — and I’m ever so grateful to have gotten to see Christie. Sincerely, I can rave about every leg of the trip. I saw so many people and had such great experiences. I simply couldn’t imagine a better trip.

Thanks to all of you for reading along and for dropping my notes and phone calls along the way. Your support means more to me than you possibly know!

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