Miss Princess has an owie. I went out to feed the horses dinner yesterday, and Princess had a huge wound in her chest. Huge.

I’ll spare you the details, but the vet said one of the other horses — I’m looking at you, Blue! — had probably run her into the fence, and she had impaled herself on a metal t-post. Oy! Fortunately, the damage was limited to the muscle and didn’t penetrate to the the internal cavity. The vet cleaned it up and said she’ll be fine.

She has to be separated from the other horses for a few days though. Unfortunately, it’s raining today, and it’s supposed to snow tonight — and we have only one paddock with shelter. I would leave her there and let the others hang out under trees in the pasture, but the “dry lot” where the shelter is, is the muddiest place on the property. I actually think the wound will stay cleaner if she isn’t there. So Miss Princess is stuck in the elements for a few days.

Boy, is she pissed!

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