I spent Friday in bed, felt better on Saturday but not good enough to go to Stewart’s class, and then felt bad again this morning. On my mom’s advice, I went to an Urgent Care clinic this afternoon, hoping for a shot to kill what I figured was a sinus infection. Nope. Doctor listened to my lungs and declared it bronchitis. Nice, contagious, long-lasting bronchitis.

Great. I’m thrilled.

I called John Jacobsen. Unfortunately, I have no choice but to drop out of the class. We work too closely in the class, and if I kept going, I’d infect the whole group. John was a sweetheart about it, and said I can retake the class in the summer. (I hope I can afford to do that, but that’s an entirely different subject.)

I guess tomorrow I’ll go downtown and move out of my apartment, and then come back and bail Pax out of doggy jail. Then I’m going to climb into bed and snuggle with him for two weeks!

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