So, when I go out to feed the horses, I let the dogs out into the front yard. This morning, Aslan decided the front yard was boring and went running around to the pasture… and on to our woods at the far end. I saw him doing it, and called him, but he ignored me. Pax and I went looking for him and couldn’t find him. I thought I heard him over toward my neighbor’s. (He hasn’t ever left our property, but if he were to see a deer or something….)

So I got Jay out of bed and sent him into the woods, and I got in the car to search. Nothing at the neighbor’s, so I went the other way. Ran into the guy whose property backs up to ours and told him what was going on. He said, “I’ll keep a look out. But you should know, there’s a bear out there.”

A big male. He’s seen him twice in our woods in the last four days. Including once this morning. You can imagine, since my dog and my husband were IN those woods at that moment, how thrilled I was to hear it.

So I drove home, and fortunately, by that time Jay had found Aslan and gotten his fluffy white butt back to the house. Now that the drama is over, I really want to go looking for the bear. This is a bad thing.

In other news, one of my favorite managers at work IM’d me today and said, “The senior ID for <project I was working on> wants off the project, and according to Aquent you’re available now.”

Um, excuse me? I told Aquent TODAY that I wasn’t available until 3/31. Besides, I don’t want that senior ID job. That’s a HUGE job, and it’s an enterprise project. High visibility. It needs to be done by an experienced FTE who has all the contacts, etc. This isn’t just “manage your resources” – this position is also responsible for the major chunk of development for the Care side of the project. It’s a suicidal position.

Why am I considering it?

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