b. 1976

Jimmy Holt is a buddy of Charm’s who, since he was a kid, has known EVERYBODY’s secrets. Some of his stories turned out to be tall tales. Problem is, Charm has never been quite sure which were and which weren’t, because some of his biggest whoppers turned out to be true!

Jimmy helps Charm train Rain. Jimmy is forever trying to get people to call him Jim instead of Jimmy, but it’s a losing proposition. Worse, a lot of the old timers insist on calling him Jimmy Lee, which his mother used to call him.

Jimmy was Charm’s partner in crime when they were kids. He was always getting into trouble — probably a good thing that Charm left, because they’d have ended up in prison together if he’d stayed. Jimmy flies a crop duster, plays video games, and drinks beer. He’s a pudgy version of his younger sister, Ella.

He’s nothing special really, about as ordinary as they come, yet he has been dating a hot older woman for years — long before anyone knew about it. Charm thinks it’s funny as hell that his friend is dating a cougar. His friends joke that she could be his mom. Before people knew he was dating her, he used to claim to be fishing all the time. Turns out Jimmy had the biggest secret of all!

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