b. 1975

He’s a year older than Charm and Jimmy and a year younger than Bird. He’s the most normal of the bunch. On the surface, anyway. Jimmy swears that he likes to dress in women’s clothes. He works at the family funeral home driving the hearse and sometimes helping prepare the corpses. Jimmy’s opinion is that if that doesn’t fuck up a kid, nothing will. He’s a good mechanic that tinkers with classic cars in his spare time and has secretly hot-rodded up the family hearse. He loves to hunt in his spare time, so he can really help Charm out with the who’s who and what’s what in that regard.

Oscar is jealous of Charm the way Charm was jealous of Jake. (And interestingly, Oscar is romantically interested in Leah.) Oscar is also a traditional trainer who hunts a lot with Layton. Layton trained his Lab before he went to work for Forbes. He tries to help Charm initially and is frustrated when Charm won’t take his advice.

There’s also tension from when Charm was a teen. Oscar had an awesome family life, and Charm was really, really jealous of that so Charm used to belittle Oscar’s family like crazy. Charm didn’t realize Oscar took it so personally, but he did, and he carries a bit of a grudge now.

Oscar tries to help Leah, but Charm sweeps in and takes over. When Oscar takes her out, Charm gets pissed. They get into a fistfight at the bar. Charm is forced to go to him to get help when Marie gets stuck. Charm can’t go to Layton. To his surprise, Oscar doesn’t rub it in. Instead, he gathers up a group of men and they brainstorm how to help. This establishes a peace between Oscar and Charm, which means Oscar can date Leah.

Charm wonders if he wears women’s clothes and tells Leah to let him know if she runs across anything suspicious.

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