I haven’t written in a while, but I did have a session a few days after the last one. I was planning to repeat that lesson, but Rowan was really ancy. So I decided instead to just work on standing quietly while tied. I had two criteria. If she stood quietly, I would count to some number, and then click and reinforce. If she pulled back, I would click the instant she put slack in the rope.

One time she lowered her head and got the rope over her poll. When she stood up, it didn’t scare her, but she did pull back until she pulled the rope free of the Aussie tie ring. Oops. That’s not a lesson I want her to learn. Next lesson I’ll use the long rope and secure it in a way that makes it more difficult to slide.

One thing I really like about this filly is that nothing scares her. Not really. New things are interesting to her. She just rarely spooks at anything.

After that session, the weather turned bad. Nine and a half inches of snow bad. And then rain. We’ve had a couple of days where the weather was nice, and I should have worked her but didn’t. I’ll get back on the ball again — promise.

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