Back in December, on the same day that I had to put Aslan down, I found out that Rowan had developed what is essentially a staph infection. She went into the horsey hospital for four days, and then when she came out, she had to be stuck in her stall wearing a removable cast. See, the infection killed all the tissue over one of her tendons, and new skin couldn’t grow over an unstable surface like that. So we had to try to keep it immobile.

Monica, the angel at Eden Farms who trained Rowan, took on the task of cleaning and rebandaging the wound. The vet came out every week or two, and Rowan made some progress, but not as much as she wanted. Then, at the end of January, she backslid to the beginning and needed hospitalization and surgery. Even if we could have afforded it — and we couldn’t — it wouldn’t have been fair to Rowan. Not only would she have had months more in her stall, but she likely would never have been sound again.

We put her down on January 28. Again, although I know it was the right choice, it was devastating. Monica and the people at the barn were devastated as well, though all agreed that it was the right thing to do. Since Rowan had been on stall rest for six weeks, I asked Monica to let her be a horse for a day. They spoiled and loved her and let her run and play. Afterwards, Monica made this lovely tribute video.

Run free, sweet girl.


In other news, I’ve been working on my novel. I also have a big project at work that should last through the summer — longer if the dates slide, which I truly think they will. It’s the biggest project I’ve ever been lead ID on, and I’m excited, overwhelmed, frustrated, and challenged. On the positive side, it looks like Myella might be coming back, so hopefully she can work with me.

I’ve been trying to rehome Blue and Guin, my remaining horses. I thought that Kyra was going to take Blue, but she decided, after a trial period, that he wasn’t the right horse for her. So now Leslie — his trainer and soulmate — is going to take him for a trial. I really hope it works out! I also hope that Guin can go down to Leslie’s as well. I was planing to leave her at Eden Farms, but they don’t have much turnout, and I don’t want her stuck in her stall all the time. We’ll see. Worse case scenario, they come back here together. To be honest, I miss them, so that wouldn’t be a horrible thing.

Pax and Pflouff are doing fine. Can you believe that Pax is 8.5 years old? I refuse to believe he is aging. He is going to live forever, and don’t ANYONE tell me different. He’s my heart. Miss Pflouff is growing up. She’s in her second heat right this second. It’s not so bad, though. The dogs adapted well to losing Aslan. Pax had been so perpetually stressed by him. I didn’t realize how stressed until the dietary issues we had been dealing with and medicating for years went away completely within a week of Aslan’s death. I still miss my beautiful boy, but I realize now how horribly unpleasant Pax’s life must have been.

Otherwise, things are fine here. I’m incredibly busy, but that’s not a bad thing. Jay is working hard and gaming hard. Spring has sprung in the Pacific Northwest, and I’m loving watching the leaves appear and the flowers bloom. It got up to 60 degrees today!

Sorry it took me so long to update. Back in January I replaced my computer. I tried to reinstall Dreamweaver, the program I use to keep this site up to date, but no dice. My copy was too old for this technology. So I’ve been unable to update until I purchased a new copy of Dreamweaver. Unfortunately, that took a while, because Rowan’s medical bills just about broke us.

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