(Unrelated aside: I finally figured out how to switch CSS styles in this version of DreamWeaver. Yay.)

In the middle of the month I thought there was no way I’d be able to finish an entry for the contest I wanted to enter. Well, when I started writing steadily, even at my snail pace, I was able to put one together after all. I finished up the first three chapters (about 10K words) and sent them to Sharon to critique. Then I planned to spend a couple of days this week expanding my synopsis. Turns out, though, that they extended the contest deadline until May 1, so I have time to rethink my approach if I want to.

One thing I know — I want to get back to the steady writing. Yes, I’m slower than molasses, but it was PROGRESS. If I can just keep going, I can get this thing done. My goal was going to be a Nanowrimo-style goal — lots of words, don’t worry about quality, edit when finished. I write slowly, and I edit a lot as I go, but I’m happy with what I produce. They aren’t “first draft” words, and really, I’m happy about that.

The nice thing is, I should be able to do roughly 1000 words a day OF MY KIND OF WORDS and still be finished and in final edits before the conference. Even if I’m a little behind that will be okay. I’m really liking what I’m writing! (And seriously — it pays to outline like I do!)

One final thing — Sharon is an AWESOME editor. Seriously awesome. I’m really lucky that she’s willing to critique my stuff.

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