No big update

Not a lot is happening around here. I have a couple of big projects at work that kept me busy during the requirements phase over the past few weeks and will keep me really busy in development in May and June. I’m also taking a some online classes, and the work for those has filled the rest of my time. Jay is trapped in the true project from Hell. It won’t end until the end of the summer — if then. I hope he lasts, because before this awful project, he really liked his job.

Blue and Guin are down in Olympia. Leslie, Blue’s trainer and soulmate, has taken him on a two-month trial. So far I think it’s working out. I hope! Guin is being boarded at Leslie’s. Guin can’t stay here by herself, because she’ll go through fences. If Leslie decides to keep Blue, then she’ll see about rehoming Guin — an iffy prospect, because she’s poorly built and really stiff in front. If she can’t rehome her, then she’ll continue to board her. If Leslie doesn’t keep Blue, then they’ll both come back here. I’m happy for Blue — Leslie really is the perfect home for him — but I miss my Guin girl. Still, if there’s a better home for her (and a first-refusal contract in place), I would let her go as well.

Pax and Pflouff are doing fine. Pax’s IBD had a mild flare up. That proves that the IBD wasn’t entirely due to the stress that Aslan put on him — but that it flares so rarely, it shows that Aslan exacerbated it. Pax’s breeder has a REALLY nice litter in whelp, and there’s part of me that’s tempted. Pflouff is still too young though. She’s 18 months old and maturing quickly, but she’s still a “Much.” Adding a puppy would be too (and two!) “Much,” and I don’t think we can handle “Much” more.

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