February Challenge

Although I’m doing okay with my December-to-December challenge, I feel like I’ve been in a rut the past few weeks, which means my results haven’t been what I’ve wanted. So I’ve decided to kick things up a notch during the rest of February. I’m going to eschew my cheat days from now until March 3, and I’m going to tighten up my eating and working out.

The rules:

  • 4 meals per day (per standard challenge requirements — no grains, no sugar, no dairy, no fruit, no potatoes), no snacking
  • Goal: less than 20 net carbs per day
  • At least 16 cups (4 liters) of water per day
  • Crossfit, heavy weights, and Pilates 1x per week each, as schedule allows
  • Treadmill workout, 45 minutes per day, 5x per week
  • 10-minute kettlebell workout from 4-Hour Body, 3x per week (kettlebell swing, glute raises, chest pull, flying dogs)
  • 10-minute push-up/core workout, 3x per week (push ups, plank, side plank)
  • 20-minute ice on back of neck / trapezius area, per 4-Hour Body, 7x per week

Here’s an example of the treadmill workout I’m doing. The speed isn’t mentioned, because it varies. I use a heart rate montitor, and I go whatever speed pegs my heart rate at 132 (per Phil Maffetone method).

0-5 min Warm up
5-10 min 6% incline
10-12 min 3% incline
12-18 min 4 sets of 30 sec interval + 1 min recovery @ 3%
18-23 min 6% incline
23-31 min 9% incline
31-36 min 6% incline
36-38 min stairs
38-40 min 6% incline
40-45 min cool down

I’m doing that particular workout every day this week. Next week I’ll change it up — add another minute of stairs, increase the interval length, etc.

I’m going to miss my cheat days this month, but hopefully I can kick my body into ketosis and burn some fat!

3 thoughts on “February Challenge

  1. Love that workout. Sounds like fun. I got faith you’ll hit your 20lbs. You have determination.

  2. I got to your site through the clicker yahoo group and I feel really odd commenting on this because I don’t know you and health is such a personal thing…
    I lost quite a bit of weight over the last 2 years after struggling for a loooong time on various diets and exercise plans – always feeling like crap in the end because I couldn’t stay on/maintain them. It just broke my heart a little reading your one post. Your enthusiasm and drive to get healthy are admirable. It sounds like you will succeed no matter how you move forward.
    However, an opinion from a person you’ve never met 🙂 is that no wonder you ‘fell off the wagon’. Your plan is so incredibly difficult. I’ve been reading a lot about some alternative views on health (Jankowski, Weston A Price foundation, etc.) but what ended up resonating with me (hey, we’re all different) was a blog called 180degrees health. A lot of things that were in my head got turned upside down. There’s so much info there, especially in the comments sections. As for fitness, what really worked for me was T-Tapp (the site and what not are a little gimmicky but it seems like that’s part of the whole ‘health and fitness scene’. Anyways, I hope you don’t take offense at my comment and best of luck! 🙂

    1. Hi Radka,

      I don’t mind at all! I really appreciate your taking the time to comment. I agree; my challenge was hard. It really worked *most of the time*, but there were times that it didn’t work at all. My husband offered to let me revamp the “rules” and start a new 12 months, but I’m not mentally there yet. Thanks so much for the advice to check out T-Tapp. I haven’t heard of that — I’ll definitely take a look. Congrats on your weight loss. It’s so hard to make those permanent changes. Good on ya! (Feel free to comment any time!)

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