Week 9 Weigh In

Weight loss this week: 1.4 lbs
Total weight loss: 19.4 lbs


LOL — I may never get to that elusive 20lb loss. I’m not stressing about it this week, because I fully expected a weight gain. Not only was I REALLY relaxed on my cardio all week, but this was The Week of Soup.

On Sunday my husband made an absolutely DIVINE Thai Red Curry Soup. No, beyond divine. Devastatingly delicious and addictive. He made a double recipe, and I couldn’t stop eating it. When it was cold, I was still using the spatula and eating it out of the pot. He made a SECOND double recipe on MONDAY — the very next day. And we were ready for more on Wednesday (but I told him to wait until this weekend).

It’s ridiculously good. Beyond good. And it’s Paleo alllll the way. He’s making two different versions of it this week — one with chicken and one with lamb. I may never eat anything else.

Anyway, this was a relaxed week, and I was okay with that — and would have been okay with even a weight gain. Losing a pound is a bonus. Next week, though, things are changing! I’m going to eschew cheat days for the rest of February, and I’m going to go hard core on both eating and working out. I’d like to see if I can get my body to ramp up the weight loss.

Oh, by the way, one of my trainers has one of those handheld bio-electrical impedence thingies used to measure body fat. He weighs me, uses that body fat tester, and does measurements at our first session each month. If he’s right, I’ve been gaining a pound of muscle mass each week. That’s a huge amount for a woman, even lifting as heavy as I do.

I love muscle. I love being strong. But I am one of those rare females who is capable of bulking up, and I don’t want to do that. I’m going to continue as I have been for a couple more months, and then have my body fat tested using the hydrostatic (underwater) method I use a few times a year. If it’s showing a high amount of muscle gain, I might have to change my strength goals for the year.

4 thoughts on “Week 9 Weigh In

  1. Thank you for sharing your journey with everyone. I am particularly interested and have to note that your honesty and your writing style make this one of the most compelling blogs I read (and I read quite a few of them). I can’t wait to see you break that 20 lb mark and then hit the next milestone. I know you can do it, you have the right attitude and all the tools are in place for you to succeed. Go for it!!

    1. Diann, thanks SO much! That made my day!!

  2. You sound like my sister. She’s always had a strong lil build and bulks up very easy. I bet you’re super tough and can kick serious ass! No, I’m not teasing. I mean that. I sure wouldn’t take sis on in the boxing ring. I’d be out cold in less than a minute LOL.

    Love those muscles! It’s what my sis did when she realised the smallest she’d ever be is a size ten (and that’s with extreme dieting of fasting on carrots). She’s got a strong body and looks great (think she’s around a 16). I never met a woman so proud of her tough lil build.

    1. LOL — yep, that sounds like me! I’m very strong, and my husband affectionately says I’m built like a little wrestler. I’ll never be a tiny, feminine thing — I’m simply not built for it. Fortunately I’m okay with my build, so I’m not trying to make myself into something I’m not. I feel sorry for women who are built like me but aspire to bodies like models or actresses or dancers. They’re never going to be satisfied!

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