Important Definitions of the Types of Publishing

Basic, but critical definitions related to the types of publishing:

  • Traditional publishing — provides all services with no upfront charge, is paid entirely through royalties from sales, has distribution to bookstores and other benefits that you couldn’t do as a self publisher.
  • Small press — doesn’t charge up front, publishes you but can’t do anything that you can’t do yourself.
  • Vanity publisher — charges you up front for services (like cover and editing), ALSO takes royalties, publishes you but can’t do anything you can’t do for yourself.
  • Self publishing — the writer is responsible for all tasks performed by the traditional publisher.
  • Self publishing service company — charges you for services – you pick package or individual services – and doesn’t take royalties or “publish” you.
It's critical to understand the types of publishing or you could get taken advantage of.

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