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Back to work

Have I mentioned recently that I love my job? It’s still true. I’m finishing up my first week back, and I’m still crazy about the place.

When I filled out my paperwork, the Aquent guy told me that I was only going to be working forty hours a week. I arched my eyebrow and asked what planet he was from. No, really, he said, they wanted me capped at forty hours. Okay… but it’s not going to last, I told him.

Started work on Monday. When I walked in the door Monday evening, my phone was ringing. You guessed it — emergency project! They needed me to work late. I worked late that night and again on Wednesday. On Thursday (yesterday) — in the middle of a high profile, high priority project — I told them that unless they got that cap lifted, I was done for the week at 4:30. Needless to say, the cap was toast.

I actually don’t mind overtime. In fact, when I’m working hard I have trouble stopping, so I rather like having overtime hours available. Besides, it’s overtime that’s ultimately going to pay for this remodel.


I’ve been incredibly lax about updating, haven’t I? You might think nothing has been happening, but really that isn’t true.

September brought a great disappointment. I found out that Tory’s breeding didn’t take, so no puppy in November. I was really upset, because that pup would have been so closely related to Pax. Cathy has pups from another breeding due on the ground in mid-December, but that’s not the right litter for me. I want something birdier, and, besides, I’ve got other things going in the spring.

My screenplay ended up being a semi-finalist at Nicholl this year. That’s a HUGE honor, because Nicholl is arguably the most prestigious screenplay contest going. It means my script placed in the top 2.5% of the 5000+ screenplays entered this year. Not bad for a sophomore effort! I’ve been beseiged with requests from producers and agents and such ever since. Nothing to get excited about there, though. They make those requests of all the semi-finalists, not just my script. It’s kind of neat though!

Work has been going quite well. I absolutely adore this company. They sent me to a call center in Wichita in mid-October. I actually enjoy call centers so the trip wasn’t too bad from that perspective. The exciting thing about it was that it required me to get on an airplane for the first time in six years. I didn’t love that part, but the flight was uneventful, and I wasn’t a basket case. It isn’t going to make me a flier again though. Yuck! My contract with┬áthem ends tomorrow, Nov. 2. I’m both sad and excited. They wanted to extend me, but I have plans during this month, and so I’m going to take off at least through the end of the year. I’m hoping I can go back in January though. We’ll see. They’re in the midst of a big reorg, and I’m dealing with that stupid five-months-on, five-months-off rule they have for contractors. Still, I hope we can work something out. I really like it there!

What else? Oh, I attended an AWESOME TAGteach seminar in mid-October. It was especially fun because I got to see Theresa and Keri. There was a terrific mix of people attending. It’s nice to see people other than the usual dog trainers. Because I’m not getting a puppy this month, I’m free to do other things, namely travel.

I’m leaving on a big trip next week. I’m going to drive from here to Texas to meet my birth mom, Lynn. Then I’m driving to Atlanta to see my brother and his wife and to meet a work friend, Loris. Then I’m off to Memphis for a few days to see my mom and Christie and Marnie and Melisse and Mr. Wilson. Wow! That’s going to be a full visit! From there, I’m driving to Oklahoma City, where Jay is going to meet me at his folks’ house for Thanksgiving. He’s going to drive home with me from there, and on the way we’re going to stop in Vegas for a couple of days. Quite the trip! I’m planning to blog about it on here, so stay tuned.

A day on Vashon Island

My friend Lesa from work invited the team out to her house on Vashon Island today. Dave and Staci piled into my car, and after a lonnnnng wait for the ferry, we got there around 2. Oh my God — I can’t rave enough. The house is incredible. The gardens are incredible. The views are incredible. The food was incredible. Lesa’s husband was incredible. Need I say I had an amazing time?

We spent most of the day sitting out back, amidst the plethora of hummingbirds. Adorable little things. We laughed and chatted and had an absolutely grand time. Lesa is a terrific hostess (and a wonderful friend). I was sorry to leave, especially since Dave and Staci were forced to go at the same time, but I had to get back to feed the animals.

I can’t remember if anyone took any pictures. If so, I’ll post them. It was an incredible day, and I hope she invites us again!

The days go rolling by…

Okay, we’re not moving. Not now anyway. Jay’s job (grrrrrrrr) won’t let him telecommute indefinitely, and so we can’t move until he finds a job he likes down in Olympia. Yeah — and the chances of that are? Exactly. I may be living here for the rest of my life. Sigh.

Life is otherwise good. I still love my job. I finished the first project, and I’m on to a new one. It will probably last into October. My contract has been officially extended until early November. At that point I’ll have to go on “pup-ternity leave” for a month or two. What I don’t know is whether they’ll be able to hire me back right away when I’m ready to come back. No one seems to know how long the required break in service is or whether I can stop “mid service” and come back again.

I’ve got some fun weekends planned this month. The first weekend is a “Joene Day,” and my friend Staci from work is going to go along. We have a big day planned — a trip to the barn, lunch, and facials. The next weekend there’s a field trial in Carnation, and Kalisa has said she’ll go with me. That will be fun both because of the dog stuff and because I haven’t seen Kalisa in ages. And finally, on the 18th, my boss’s boss, Lynne, is going to come out and visit my horses.