Fun Q&A from Kate Cavanaugh

On YouTube, Kate Cavanaugh did a Q&A with questions from her writing community. At the end she challenged her viewers to answer the same questions.

My Q&A responses

  • How do you shelve your passion projects that you know will never “make it” but that constantly invade your mind? I take notes on them, but don’t write them. 🙁 I play the story out in my mind as I go to sleep at night. I enjoy the story; it lives in my mind; but it never sees the page.
  • How do you stop thinking “I must make money from this or it’s a wasted effort”? I don’t think that exactly. I think that non-commercial projects take time and energy from commercial ones. And I pretty much don’t try to stop that thought.
  • Candidly, how many hours per day do you write? I count words, not hours. 500 words on workdays. 1000 on non-work days. I’m employed full-time and work a fair amount of overtime.
  • Why do you want to be published? (Fame, money, success, or something to say?) I don’t know. I’ve known since third grade that I was a writer, and being published is just part of the definition in my mind.
  • If you only had 3 days to write 80K words, how would you do it? I wouldn’t. I couldn’t. Not kidding. Okay, I take that back. I would write nonfiction on clicker training. I know the subject inside and out and could vomit words at a ridiculous rate. But I expect I would still fail.
  • How do you overcome crippling perfectionism? I don’t. It’s part of who I am. I am a plotter, though, so there’s literally zero chance that a scene I’ve written will be thrown out.
  • Do you enjoy death scenes? HUH YOU MONSTER? Shrug. Depends on who I’m killing off.
  • How do you find the balance between reading, writing, and other hobbies/obligations? Priorities. I set a low word count goal, and once I reach it, I’m allowed to stop. I try to do those words early in the day, so I’m not torn between writing and other activities.
  • What was the benchmark you used for when to quit your corporate job and rely on writing? How should I calculate mine? I just wrote a blog post that talked about this.
  • How do you deal with Impostor Syndrome? (How often do you deal with it?) I just keep pushing on. I feel like an imposter in EVERYTHING I do. If it stopped me, I couldn’t even work.